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SPLYCO searched the globe for the best absorbent meat pads to bring our customers the best in Food Packaging Disposables –  Janitorial Supplies – Restaurant Supplies and Equipment!!

Classic meat pads also referred to as soaker pads or absorbent meat pads, are a traditional product, consisting of a cellulose core surrounded by poly film and sealed on all four edges. They are mainly used for meat and fish, showing absorbency of up to 75 grams with our standard sizes. However, these pads can be found in packaging of produce and are used a lot as a bandage in tattoo shops.

The cellulose core in Classic pads resembles a sponge in its ability to absorb liquids, and the perforated poly film allows for the liquid to easily enter the pad while limiting its ability to exit. Classic pads is a basic and commonly used pad and is normally thicker than other absorbent meat pads due to their fluffed core.