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Foam trays – the food packaging solution!

Foam trays, also referred to as supermarket trays or meat trays are the most popular tray used to package fresh fish, raw meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables. These trays became the #1 choice in the meat room and where followed by produce packers, delis and even in bakeries and restaurants for three main attributes:

  1. Variety of sizes
  2. Variety of colors
  3. Affordable

Another reason why supermarket meat trays are also mostly used in fast paced environments is because they are compatible with auto wrapping equipment. This gives the packer a faster and even more a sanitary packaging solution.

Want to learn more which sizes foam trays are ideal for which food? Are white foam trays always the solution for bakeries? Are only deep green foam trays ideal for produce? Not necessarily! Learn more when reading an article from an experience member in handling packaging and all about foam trays here.

Following are products used together to optimize your product display:

Meat pads – Pads are used to absorb excessive fluid from the product thereby increasing shelf life.

Wrap – With a clear over wrap, meat or produce film seals in foods’ freshness.

Poly Bags – Double protection while transporting your wrapped foam tray can be done easily with an extra thin poly bag. This avoids unnecessary leakage and mess.

Labels – It’s the law! Every meat package needs to have safe handling instructions. Need a custom printed label? It’s our specialty. Contact us.